Air Quality

Cleaner air for a healthier home.

There’s no place—and no feeling—like a healthy home. It’s where you can relax in perfect comfort, without thinking twice about breathing in pollutants. So how can you make your home healthy? Look no further than our selection of Healthy Climate solutions.

Humidity Control

Working together with your heating and cooling system, products like a whole-home dehumidifier enhance your home’s comfort and air quality by keeping humidity levels balanced and under control.

Whole-Home Humidifier

Don’t let your home’s dryness cause an array of health problems for your family members. Our whole-home humidifiers ensure that your house stays just the right humidity, improving health and temperatures.

Germicidal Lights

Power with maximum-intensity ultraviolet light, these products help to dramatically reduce concentrations of microorganisms such as mildew, bacteria and mold.


Ideal for tightly sealed homes, our ventilation products replace stale, contaminated indoor air with fresher outside air.

Air Cleaners/Filtration

Whole-home air filters not only clean dust from your home’s air, they also enhance system operation and efficiency by keeping the components that move air clean.