Are your allergies acting up already?

Allergy sufferers are taking notice of our early spring weather. Many believe prescription medicine offers the best treatment for symptoms. That is not always the case. Our son has seasonal allergies. Prescription and over the counter medication was not cutting it. Our son needed a place to retreat from all of the allergens that made him miserable. Fortunately, there are products on the market that can filter and condition the air inside your home. We installed a HEPA filtration system, ultraviolet germicidal lighting, whole house filter with cabinet and whole house humidifier.  I realize that sound like quite an expense, but it was so worth it. Different parts of the system work together in various ways to purify the air and reduce the favorable environment for allergens to grow. Over the years we have installed similar systems in many homes and had very positive results. It makes us feel good when a client comments on how comfortable their home has become as a result adding indoor air quality measures. Knowing that we have changed someone’s quality of life is a deeply satisfying feeling.