Lennox iComfort Thermostat – The Latest in Home Comfort

The Lennox icomfort Wi-Fi® thermostat makes it easy to adjust your home’s temperature and control energy costs from anywhere in the world, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. In addition to that level of control, the thermostat also has advanced features that help control humidity levels all year long. The iComfort thermostat will bring out the most in your variable speed furnace and with it’s ability to “talk” to the furnace and air conditioner, you’ll be informed at the first sign of trouble. Click here to learn more.

“It’s all about the price. Right?”



When it comes to buying new equipment, price should be just one part of the consideration. Here are some factors to add to the decision process:

The Brand – Is the brand being offered to you a quality brand or is it named after a company that makes toilets, BBQ grills, camping equipment or appliances? Does the manufacturer sell direct to dealers or use a middleman to warehouse the equipment and then resell it to dealers? If a part goes out, does the manufacturer have a large warehouse here in St. Louis? Will you have to wait days or weeks for the parts to be shipped in? Is the manufacturer it’s own company or owned by a conglomerate?
The Contractor – What kind of philosophy does the contractor have? Are they in it solely to make a profit or do their employees take pride in their work? Do they use industry “best practices” to install your equipment or do they skip critical steps causing premature failures? Do they have references? Do they have a website? How about their rating with the BBB?
These are just a sampling of things to consider. The thrill of a cheap price quickly diminishes when equipment failures and workmanship issues arise.