Nobody likes living in a dry home. We’ve all been there – the chapped lips, itchy skin, cracked hands, and even the nasty colds. Don’t get stuck living in fear of static electricity and dealing with terrible allergies all the while. If you are looking for a whole-home humidifier, we’re here to help. Agers is available to install, repair, and maintain the humidifiers we sell. If you’re in need of one, give us a call at 636-681-1976 and our experts will come out and work with you to find the right one!

Signs you need a humidifier:

Many signs of dry climate lie within your family members’ symptoms. Dry air may cause one family member to have significant amounts of nose bleeds. You may find that your family is getting colds more frequently and that dry skin conditions are inflamed, bringing itching and burning along. It’s common that you wake up with rock-like boogers in your nose when the house is too dry, and that static electricity runs rampant. Another tell-tale sign is that wood in your home is warping – whether that be the flooring or musical instruments.

Perks of a humidifier: 

  • Humidifiers lower the risk of colds and flus
  • It may lower static electricity
  • Humidity may warm up your air, saving you on utilities
  • Allergies and asthma may be reduced
  • Your wooden appliances, floors, instruments, etc. will have a lower risk of cracking
  • Reduced risks of nosebleeds
  • Looser congestion
  • Healthier skin

Call us at 636-681-1976 if you have any questions or want to set up an appointment!