Planned Maintenance Agreements

AC Repairman Welds Connector on Replacement Air Conditioner

Agers’s Planned Maintenance Agreement makes maintaining your heating and AC system easy, affordable, and safe. We spot issues that may arise to prevent major problems or replace parts while they’re still under warranty.

Sign up to receive:

  • Two Visits Per Year (Heating & Cooling Seasons)
  • Convenient $18/month Payment Plan
  • Clean And Check Furnace and Air Conditioner
  • Test Operation of Furnace
  • Test Operation of Air Conditioner (Must be 65º Outside)
  • Full Diagnostic System Check
  • 10% Discount on all Repairs to your HVAC system
  • 5% Labor Discount
  • Priority Service within 24 Hours for Emergency Calls
  • Reduced Diagnostic Fees and Emergency Service Fees
  • Free Filter(s) For The Duration Of Your Membership

*On Parts Installed by Agers Heating & Air Conditioning. Lifetime warranty is VOID if customer moves to a new address or if maintenance agreement is canceled. Rental property has 5 years. Excludes R-22 refrigerant

Systems that are routinely serviced can last twice as long as neglected units. In addition, the cost of a service agreement pays for itself in utility bills alone. These savings occur because regularly maintained units are more energy-efficient.

Spring & Fall Visits

A certified Agers employee will visit your home twice a year to ensure your units are working at the highest possible level. These two visits will satisfy any “annual” maintenance requirements stated in your warranty as the spring visit will service your air conditioner and the fall visit will service your furnace.

By scheduling our visits in the spring and fall, you reduce your chances of your furnace breaking down in the dead of winter or your air conditioner failing in the height of summer.

In addition, heating and air conditioning companies usually charge a fee for coming to your home for a diagnosis. With your service agreement, we waive our visit feesfor your unit check-ups.

Equipment Cleaning Included

The air in your home is naturally filled with particles that get caught in your furnace and air conditioner coil. This accumulation ruins your system’s efficiency and can lead to major, costly malfunctions down the road. By scheduling regular cleanings with our spring and fall visits, we can easily prevent these future problems.

10% Off Repair Services, Parts, & Refrigerant, 5% Labor Discount

Much like neglecting to clean your furnace and air conditioner, skipping basic repairs can lead to more expensive problems in the future. Picture it like having a maintenance plan on your car:  it keeps you on track and limits unexpected breakdowns.

Warning: Know Your Manufacturer Warranty’s Limitations

Many people believe that their unit’s manufacturer warranty will cover them if anything goes wrong. However, these warranties only cover manufacturer defect. Neglect is not covered. Participating in routine maintenance will ensure your warranty is upheld.

Keep Your Unit Working Efficiently

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